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Sandra Luz

Sandra Luz Garcia is an immensely passionate professional photographer who shares an incredible love for the art of capturing the essence & matchless beauty of life. Based in Dallas, Texas, she always had a remarkable inclination towards the niche of photography and is a self-taught photographer who takes great pride in her work. Sandra is an avid seeker of knowledge who is always on the lookout for an opportunity to learn & explore newer fascinating things. Motivated & inspired by the drive to grow as a photographer, she aims to persistently work on expanding her range of expertise.   Sandra Luz Garcia serves as a freelance photographer who holds an extensive experience of portraiture & family photography. She serves with an aim to build a vigorous relationship with her clients and shares an incredible passion for life, self-growth, and community service. Sandra is a fervent advocate of photojournalism and strives to capture the essence of unforgettable moments through the lens of her camera. Besides this, Sandra greatly cherishes weight lifting, reading, running, writing, and poetry. Sandra’s formidable blend of passion & knowledge helps her in nurturing her natural photography skills.   

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